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Summer was blessed to go with her mentor, Dani Johnson (Check out, and a group of people on her DREAM TRIP to Israel.  Surprisingly, God called Marcelo to Israel six months later with Leader of the Pack! 

Words cannot describe what it was like to go to Israel.  Riding camels in the desert of Abraham, sailing peacefully on the Sea of Gallilee, climbing An Geddy, floating in the Dead Sea, getting baptized in the Jordan River, walking where Jesus walked ... it's unimaginable!

Just get yourself there!!!

Next up - CHINA!!!

This definitely was a HUGE year for travel!  Summer was blessed with a free trip to Salt Lake City, UT, and the girls and mom got to accompany Marcelo for free on a work trip to Las Vegas for 8 days.  Perhaps the BIGGEST, most unexpected surprise was Marcelo getting to work on the TV show version on China's "The Voice!"  The entire family got to go with him to China for 3 weeks!  (We got to take our Nanny, Lauraine too!)


- The Shanghai Zoo where you could handfeed hippos   -  Shanghai Aquariam   - Shanghai Disneyland with the most EPIC RIDE EVER - "Pirates of the Caribean!  -  EVERY mall we went to in China had HUGE arcades!

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