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I should know better than to delete a file!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I’ll admit it, I’ve made the mistake before and swore I’d always be careful. Then, inevitably in those moments of rush and despair, I got overzealous and just started moving files around on my desktop… and then “The magical and illusive cloud.” You know, that place where the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive, iPhoto’s, OneDrive and all those other magic apps that make our everyday life easy and readily accessible!

“The cloud is absolutely a life saver... Until it's not! ”

While learning to edit our first video in Adobe Premiere, I got a little sloppy where I was putting my footage, and where I was importing my content from. I started noticing that Dropbox, Google Drive, and my iCloud backup all seemed to be updating on a constant basis. I also noticed that chunks of content already in Premiere was also sporadically acting weird. As I opened and closed the application, I noticed that at times content was not available, or it would not play without a glitch at some point.

Without realizing what I was doing, I was grabbing content from Apple Photo application, that was by mistake had it's library nestled in Dropbox. So as Photo's went to the cloud to see if any of us took any new pictures on our devices, it would then update Dropbox. Creating a dump look of constant eating bandwidth just for updates.

My next mistake was with the Adobe Premiere files I was importing from Dropbox, Photos, and stock images from the web all into Google Drive.

Again, wasting bandwidth...

What was I doing...

Let's not forget that I'm streaming music to play under the videos, my kids are doing their homeschool on the other computers, and my wife is streaming Spotify in the other room while she's working.

Needless to say, we had a lot of things moving and shaking - my file Fo-pah didn't help things.


If that wasn’t confusing enough… As I was troubleshooting what was happening on the computers, I had the infinite wisdom to move my Apple Photo’s Library out of my Dropbox folder onto my Desktop.

Boy what a mistake that was! In doing so, I broke all the links in Premier, making all of my work on Episode 1 USELESS! Adobe Premier was not happy with me at all!!! Before I realized what I did, my computer, and all the cloud drives quickly became my worst nightmare! I got caught in a loop of Cloud drive sync errors, permission errors, and it seemed like there was nothing I could do to stop the madness.

Around this time, OSX Catalina had some software bug that made my hard drive think that it was full, when in reality had about 75% of the drive empty.

After spending hours (which turned into days) trying to troubleshoot the problem I ended up moving the editing of our pilot episode to a new Adobe program, Adobe Rush. In the end I was able to cut together a 20 minute episode with most of my original footage. I learned a ton through this entire endeavor and, while I would never wish that upon anyone, I am grateful that I had this opportunity to learn from my giant mistakes.

Biggest Takeaways... (in no particular order)
  • Don't ever drag media from Photo's directly into Premiere like ever... don't do it.... NEVER!

  • Back up your original (RAW) data on at least 3 location other than the current "working drive."

  • Don't do an Operating System upgrade before or during editing a project

  • Don't try to move the project you're working on from one application to another mid way through!

  • Take your time and be thorough!

  • Did I mention don't drag files from one application to another.... USE IMPORT>EXPORT functions....

At the time of completing this post, I've gotten 4 more video's under my belt and have been learning more and more with each pass. It's safe to say that as long as you take it slow, and learn when you come up against hurdles you can accomplish your task!

Thanks for staying plugged in to God's Adventure!

-Marcelo "The Dad"-

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